Introduces Double Skin Air Handling units, completely redesigned construction. These units have a casing made of sandwiched panels, resulting in low noise, sturdy construction and better thermal insulation. Taper Wedges are used for fixing and locking the insulated panels with Aluminum frame section.

Offering expert cooling solutions to various corporate and commercial applications, and with this expertise, we bring to you a wide range of air handling units.

Double Skin Air Handling Units Horizontal Floor Mounted Type

The horizontal floor mounted units are ideal for handling high air quantities. The modular design sections offer both sturdy construction and flexible combination of components such as coils and filters to suit specific applications. Hence they are widely used for industrial, clean rooms and large commercial airconditioning. As all major components are aligned to the base tray, it is maintenance and service freindly.

Durability and Reliability

The rigid framework comprises of an assembly of externally ronded, anodised, extruded aluminium profiles which are anti-corrosive. Glass filled nylon corner joints avoid water water condensation at the conrners. The 25 mm thick panels are pressure injected with polyurethane foam, using CFC free R-141 b blowing agent. High and uniform PUF density of 38±2 kg/m3 provides better thermal conductivity and sound attenuation properties.

Good Looks

No gaps and level difference at panel joints. Fixing screws are avoided in assembling panels.

High Indoor Air Quality

Double skin panel construction allows easy inspection, cleaning and maintenance of the smooth inner surface, reducing the risk of dirt and bacteria accumulation. There is no corrosion of internal insulation material to contaminate the air stream. Improved panel frame arrangement by overlapping wedge and special gasket reduces air leaks into the casing significantly. This maintains the Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) and also provides better thermal and acoustic performance.

Low Sound

Usage of double skin casing, imported AMCA certified fans, anti-vibration spring isolators which isolates the fan from the main structure minimizes vibration resulting in low noise operation.

High Quality Filters

The filter media is of the synthetic non-woven types, supported with aluminium mesh. The filter efficiency is 90% down to 10 microns.

The filter sizes are standardized to the internationally recognized standard of 4 sizes.

Energy Efficient

The units utilize free flow coils. The fins of these coils have a mils ripple and die formed channels to improve heat transfer efficiency and hence are energy efficient. Trouble free assembly and Maintenance.

New construction leads to faster assembly. The coil is placed on the sliding channel for ease in service and maintenance.

Minimize Air Bypass in Filter Zone

New design of filter frame flush with the cabinet reduces the chance of air evade within the filter frame and the body.

Compact Design

Equipment footprint has been optimized to make the units more compact. key components like cooling coil, Blower Assembly and filters are redesigned for compact design and better performance.

Double skin Ceiling Suspended Air Handling Units

These unit can be suspended from the ceiling and hence require no floor space. These are ideal for commercial applications where floor space is at a premium. These are low noise units and can be tucked away above the false ceiling. This reduces the installation cost and makes the unit unobtrusive, offering interior design flexibility. Panels are fixed to the framework by wedges thus avoiding usage of screws.

Double Skin Vertical Air Handling units - Floor Mounted

Vertical Air Handling units are suitable for less floor area than horizontal units. These units are provided with a opening panel at the front of fan section for easy maintenance and serviceability of the unit. This also permits the unit to be aligned against wall corners, thereby saving space. These units used for applications where multiple units are required to aircondition a floor constrained by ceiling heights, duct sizing and floor space.

Standard Features of the unit (Casing)

The AHU is constructed on a thick fabricated GSS and aluminium sections. Fan and motor is mounted on a fabricated slide rail. A specially designed motor mounting base plate allows adjustment of the belt tension without disturbing motor alignment. Flexible fire retardant canvas connection is provided at the fan outlet.

The coil is placed on sliding channels for ease in service and maintenance.

The Drain pan is made of galvanised steel sheet (GSS) or stainless steel and insulated with a closed cell to avoid surface condensation.

User Friendly

The fan section is provided with an access door for ease in serviceability of the fan and motor. User friendly nylon handles can be operated from both inside and outside the casing.

Fan Standards

Centrifugal fans are of double inlet, double width type with forward curved impeller. Fans are AMCA certified for sound and air performance and are statically and dynamically balanced. The whole fan assembly is trim balanced to ISO 1940 & AMCA 204 G2. 5 Standards.

Fans are selected based on higher efficiency and lower noise levels. The motor is of TEFC squirrel cage with IP55 protection and class 'F' insulation.

Optional Features of the units:

Cooling Coils

Water and direct expansion coils can be selected based on the requirement. Water coils are self draining and vented type.

The variables available for selection are number of rows and coil application (cooling or heating) cooling coil with anti-corrosive hydrophilic coated fins is also available.


Centrifugal fans are imported, AMCA certified, energy efficient, double inlet, double width type with backward curved

Impeller, backward curved aerofoil and backward curved plug type for high static application.

Mixing Box

When an AHU is installed outside the conditioned area, a mixing box is specially designed to mix fresh air and return air from the ducts.


Apart from EU 3 Pre-filter, various types of filters like Fine, Hepa etc. with different levels of filtration can be selected.


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